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Moving the heavy stuff, efficiently

The HEAVYHAUL series is our most versatile and efficient bulk transport solution.

TYCROP has found every bit of space and made it available for your haul. not only can you haul the most volume – your total weight will be the lowest possible thanks to our low-weight and strong, proven, welded chassis.

Optionable to suit YOUR haul

Options include end, side, or combo dump, tire sizes, and axle configuration to suit your area and haul.  Advanced safety features and driver comfort options available to enhance the journey for your drivers.

*All weights, volumes, and payloads are dependent on model and exact customer specification.


Dumping Versatility

Left side? Right side? Tipper? You aren’t stuck with one delivery option. We offer multiple dumping options including a hybrid split dump system that unbolts and rotates to dump on either side.

Tipper Platform

We don’t just supply the trailers, we have an available TYCROP designed hydraulic dumping platform that is built as tough as our trailers.


Haul Environmentally Sensitive Product

We offer fully-sealed box configurations that give you the ability to contain and haul liquid-based environmentally sensitive product such as:

  • Municipal waste

  • Bio waste

  • Green waste

  • Fly ash

  • Mining concentrate

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Optimized for mining applications

The HEAVYHAUL series has been designed to maximize your payload for point-to-point loading and unloading operations.


Let's get YOUR trailer on the road.

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